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Rare Buzz was founded in 2014, initially as a music and culture promotion venture, by John Esterly – the “Rare Buzzer.” The Rare Buzz brand wandered for several years, before John’s lifelong loves of music and electronics met in late 2017. For the next year, he spent every waking minute pouring over circuits and analysis, reading (horribly boring) textbooks on electronics, and tinkering in his home workshop. After outgrowing this space, Rare Buzz moved out of the garage and into Studio 214 at the MillWorks Art Studios in Central Columbus. The first Rare Buzz design, the Cranberry Fuzz, was released in October, 2018.

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Rare Buzz Effects believes in making the world a better place. A portion of the purchase price of every pedal sold goes to a related charity – see the description of each pedal or read below to see where the money goes. Our pedal designs do not include a battery, eliminating the waste associated with dead batteries. Whenever practical, our pedals utilize other small businesses such as Pedal Parts Plus and Love My Switches. Our reclaimed wood faceplates come from Columbus-based Griffen Hollow Studio, and their neighbors Traxler Printing handle our apparel printing – we also only offer our pedals for sale in independent shops.

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We believe in supporting non-profits that inspire us, particularly those in the Columbus market, both financially and with gear. Your purchase helps us help them!

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Our pedals are hand-crafted in Ohio. Enclosures are prepared in Louisiana. And our [fish] Series of utility pedals feature reclaimed wood trim made by Griffen Hollow Studio.

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Our guarantee: for as long as you own your pedal, we will repair or replace any failure in workmanship or materials. You ship to us, we ship to you.

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