Rare Buzz Effects

Boss DS-1 Distortion Analysis

The Boss DS-1 is a distortion guitar pedal released in 1978 by Boss. It was the first distortion pedal made by Boss with a distinctive hard-clipping sound perfect for high gain rock and metal still keeping the character of the original guitar. The Boss DS-1 together...

MXR Distortion + Analysis

The M-104 MXR Distortion + aka Distortion Plus aka D+ is a distortion guitar pedal designed by MXR and released between 1978 and 1979. The original stompbox did not have external power jack or indicator LED. Jim Dunlop bought the MXR licensing rights and currently...
Boss CE-2 Chorus Ensemble Analysis

Boss CE-2 Chorus Ensemble Analysis

The Chorus Ensemble CE-2 is a chorus pedal by Roland/Boss released in 1979. It adds a dreamy modulated sound that creates a dramatic ambient guitar tone.  After the great success of the bulky Chorus Ensemble CE-1 issued in 1976, which was based on the Roland Jazz...

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