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The Electrosmash.com Archives

For over a decade, ElectroSmash.com provided the builder and DIY communities with some of the best information about classic effect circuits, popular integrated circuits, and DIY projects from headphone amplifiers to digital signal processing. Sometime in early September 2022, the website went dark. Rare Buzz Effects was able to recover almost the entire website using the wayback machine, and will host it going forward until ElectroSmash comes back online. All of the content in this section of our website is originally from ElectroSmash including text, images, code, and supplemental files. ElectroSmash published their website under the Creative Commons License for non-commercial reuse without permission and that license still applies to all of the information hosted here.

Chips: Popular Integrated Circuits

Analysis and information regarding some of the most popular integrated circuits used in audio effects.

    • JRC4558 Operational Amplifier
    • LM386 Power Amplifier
    • MN3007 Bucket Brigade Device
    • PT2399 Echo/Delay

Amps: Popular Small Scale Audio Amplifiers

Analysis and information regarding LM386-based and small scale discrete amplifiers.

    • Little Gem Amplifier
    • Marshall MG10 Amplifier
    • Noisy Cricket Amplifier
    • Ruby Amplifier
    • Smokey Pocket Amplifier

Pedals: Popular Guitar Effects Pedals

Analysis and information regarding some of the most famous stompboxes.

Projects: DIY Projects from ElectroSmash

Information about the DIY Projects originally developed and sold by ElectroSmash.

    • 1Wamp Amplifier Project
    • Germanium Fuzz Pedal Project
    • Pedal Pi Digital Effect Project
    • PedalShield Uno Digital Effect Project
    • PedalShield Due Digital Effect Project
    • PedalShield Mega Digital Effect Project
    • Time Manipulator Modulation Effect Project

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