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The Niagara Bitstortion is the first offering from the international collaboration known as the 4-Track Syndicate. With design input from Shoneswood, Soundslice Fx, and Rare Buzz Effects, the Niagara is a Bit Crusher and Distortion in the same box, run in parallel, providing a multitude of grit and sputter for your guitar. Anything from the Asteroids theme music to 90s rock lead tones are possible with this effect. Built by hand using premium components, once you try the Niagara, you’ll be making room on your gig board!

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The Niagara features two effects in one – analog bit crushing and a classic distortion – run in parallel for an indirectly adjustable mix. Each effect has its own controls, and the pedal has a final passive volume control. Mixed together, the Niagara gives a gnarly rip to traditional distortion sound, and there’s enough volume on tap to push your amp even further into breakup.

Electrical assembly is done by Rare Buzz Effects in Ohio, while final assembly and shipping is handled by Soundslice Fx in Victoriaville, Quebec. Full-sized Boss-style knobs provide easy adjustments, and side-mounted Lumberg audio and top-mounted Lumberg DC jacks are used. The Niagara footprint measures 4.1″ x 4.7″ and is roughly 2″ tall. The Niagara is true-bypass, controlled by a traditional 3PDT footswitch.

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The Niagara’s simple control set features four external knobs and one internal trimmer to dial in your perfect sound. The bit crushing is controlled by the Falls and Freq knobs, the distortion (and mix) is controlled by the Disto knob, and the final output is set with the Level knob. The Niagara will be available for pre-sale on February 14, 2020 with expected ship dates in mid-March. Sign up for the Rare Buzz Effects mailing list to get up to the minute updates, or follow the 4-Track Syndicate members on Instagram for up to the minute information about the Niagara.

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