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1970 Distortion


The 1970 Distortion: The circuit that once found a home in our popular Snitch and Cyborg pedals, the 1970 Distortion is a rodent-inspired high gain dirt platform at home in any setting. An incredibly diverse portfolio of sounds, with three different diode clipping options, a wide range of gain settings, and an output that comes close to driving speakers without the need for an amplifier. Bright yellow livery and LED.

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The 1970 Distortion is a rodent-inspired, high gain distortion that will satisfy everyone from 90s kids to metalheads. Using a lo-fi Texas Instruments operational amplifier for gain, the 1970 Distortion has the vintage grit you’d expect. The Diodes switch allows one to choose between three distinct voicings – silicon diodes for that vintage sound, LEDs for turbocharged riffs, and Schottky diodes for when you’re feeling uniquely dirty.


  • Distortion: Adjusting this setting increases the overall gain of the circuit that feeds the clipping stage.
  • Filter: This control is a variable low-pass filter used to control the tone of the effect.
  • Level: Adjusting this setting changes the final output of the effect. It gets loud!
  • Diodes: This switch selects one of the three diode pairs used in the clipping stage. In the up position, traditional silicon diodes are used. In the middle position, LEDs are used. In the down position, Schottky diodes are used.

The entire 1970 Series features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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