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1970 Octave


The 1970 Octave: Our take on the classic Green Ringer analog octave up effect with tasteful improvements to make it more usable on its own and paired with other effects. The 1970 Octave features pre-boost, selectable diode pairs, and a mix knob that lets you dial in just the right amount of bite to your solos. Bright green livery and LED.

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The 1970 Octave is our take on the classic analog octave circuit made famous in the Green Ringer. Tastefully upgraded to make it more usable and dynamic, the 1970 Octave has enough gain and grit to stand alone, but paired with dirt it truly sings. Selectable diode pairs and mix control cover a world of lead tones.


  • Gain: Controls the amount of boost fed into the octave circuit and acts as a buffer for the mix control.
  • Octave: A full range blend control that adjusts the amount of octave signal in the mix.
  • Level: Adjusting this setting changes the final output of the effect.
  • Diodes: Switches between germanium diodes (up) for a more traditional octave sound and Schottky diodes (down) which has synth notes.

The entire 1970 Series features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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