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1970 Preamp


The 1970 Preamp: The culmination of the Blue Fish and Tone Station circuits, the 1970 Preamp is a transistor based low gain tone shaping device. Designed to live on the edge of breakup, the 1970 Preamp acts as a warm boost on its own. Feed it some gain from another pedal and it comes to life – a trio of voices from compressed to booming. Bright orange livery and LED.

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The 1970 Preamp is designed to be an always-on platform to build guitar tone. Voiced on the very edge of breakup, the 1970 Preamp is mostly clean on its own. Pair it with another pedal (or with hot pickups) and it comes to life with a warmth and sustain that will take your rig to the next level.


  • Gain: The primary gain control which buffers and shapes the signal.
  • Tone: A unique tone control to match the voicing to your rig.
  • Level: Adjusting this setting changes the final output of the effect.
  • Voice: This switch selects one of three voicings in the 1970 Preamp. In the up position, the most traditional compressed tone. In the middle position, wide open and warm. In the down position, a unique asymmetrical breakup that mimics the classic tube sound.

The entire 1970 Series features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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