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1970 Vibe

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The 1970 Vibe: A unique two-stage optical phaser, the 1970 Vibe is an all-analog nod to early modulation. Add any amount of swirling movement to your sound with three different waveforms and a full range blend control. The effect is driven optically, which smooths and warms the transitions. Bright purple livery and LED.

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The 1970 Vibe is the first modulation effect to join the Rare Buzz lineup. A wonderful combination of a two-stage phase block with optical drive results in a warm, swirling depth to your tone. Choose from three different waveforms in the all-analog low frequency oscillator (LFO), and use the full range blend control to dial in just the right amount of movement.


  • Rate: Controls the rate of the LFO.
  • Depth: Controls the depth or intensity of the LFO.
  • Strength: A full range blend control that adjusts the amount of modulation in the mix.
  • Wave: Selects between triangle (middle), ramp (up), and sawtooth (down) waveforms.

The entire 1970 Series features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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