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Coilz Mini


The Coilz Mini: If your sound is too clean or sterile, or you looking for that vintage, unbuffered, slightly (or substantially) degraded tone, Coilz is the pedal for you. Coilz simulates 10, 50, 150, or 1000 feet of vintage guitar cable, tone loss and all. Each setting was painstakingly calculated based on the analysis of vintage guitar cable. Simple controls and indicators make this an easy pedal to add to your board. Be sure to experiment with placement in the signal chain, as buffering will negate the effect of the Coilz passive cable simulation.

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The Coilz Mini marks the return of our wildly popular April Fools Day ’21 offering, shrunk down to a much more pedal board friendly mini enclosure. The color scheme was also updated to purple and white, with purple indicator LEDs. Art is now UV printed directly to the enclosure in lieu of faceplates like the original design.


  • Length: select the length of cable that is simulated, either 10, 50, 150, or 1000 feet. LED will indicate both the setting and effect engagement.

Signal Chain: True bypass switching with mono input and output. Coilz is a passive effect and will work without power, although the indicator LEDs will not be illuminated.


1.8" X 3.8" X 2.0"




1/4" Instrument (Mono)


1/4" Instrument (Mono)

Input Impedance


9V; 2.1mm DC Jack




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