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Cranberry Drive


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The Cranberry Drive, a complete redesign of the original Cranberry, is a neutral drive that offers players everything from a clean boost to a subtle, bluesy clip. It stacks well with other pedals, both before and after. Sounds great on both guitar and bass.

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The Cranberry Drive: This pedal marks a complete redesign of the original Cranberry, and a shift from true fuzz to a sparky overdrive. The Cranberry Drive uses an Op Amp circuit in both the gain/clipping stage and the active tone control to give much more consistent sound from rig to rig. From clean boost to dirty overdrive – nearly distortion – the Cranberry colors your tone with just the right amount of subtle grit. Rare Buzz Effects created this pedal in honor of the late Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries.


  • Sauce: The Sauce knob controls the first gain stage and is responsible for the bulk of the Cranberry flavor. Asymmetrical hard clipping is most pronounced when the Sauce moves past 1 o’clock.
  • Tart: The Tart knob boosts treble. Find the best setting to cut through the rest of the band.
  • Level: The Level knob is the final volume control.


  • Top-Mounted Lumburg 1/4″ KLBM 3 Audio Jacks
  • Low-Profile 2.1mm Lumberg DC Power Jack, Negative Center
  • Standard 3PDT Stomp Switching


  • 125B Footprint: 2.61″ x 4.78″ x 1.4″

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  • Jason Allwood

    Very amp-like, touch responsive Drive pedal. Blues, Rock, Country, and Roots Rock guys will (no pun intended…) eat this up.
    Tone for days. Not for players who wanna bury subtle nuances in truckloads of gain, this is for players who have something to say, and want it heard properly.
    Also, a great Clean Boost in front of an already dirty amp.


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