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Cranberry Fuzz


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Upcoming Supply: 25 in mid-March

The Cranberry is a high-gain transistor based fuzz pedal, designed with a distinctive gritty sound in mind. It features simple controls, top mounted line and power jacks, and standard enclosure size.

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The Cranberry: Rough, gritty fuzz reminiscent of the birth of grunge. From sandpaper to blown speakers, the Cranberry has the tart flavor you’re looking for. The Cranberry adds punch that cuts through the rest of the band – use it for soloing and lead, or to give a new voice to your rhythm licks. Rare Buzz Effects created this pedal in honor of the late Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries. Mental health is an issue that we take very seriously here at Rare Buzz, and O’Riordan was open about her diagnosis with bipolar disorder. A portion from the sale of each Cranberry Fuzz is donated to the Treatment Advocacy Center, a non-profit at the forefront of mental health in the United States.


  • Sauce: The Sauce knob controls the first gain stage and is responsible for the bulk of the Cranberry flavor. Two o’clock gives a subtle fuzz tone that cuts through the rest of the band, or turn it all the way up for a gritty metal sound.
  • Tart: The Tart knob is the passive tone control. This allows fine tuning to match your taste, and to adjust to different equipment combinations.
  • Level: The Level knob is the final volume control. Adjusted to unity, it allows a subtle fuzz tone for always-on use. Push the Level a bit, and it can be used to boost the volume when the effect is engaged.


  • Top-Mounted Lumburg 1/4″ Audio Jacks
  • Low-Profile 2.1mm DC Power Jack, Negative Center
  • Standard 3PDT Stomp Switching
  • Internal Bias Adjustment



  • 125B Enclosure Size (4.8″ x 2.6″ x 1.6″)

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