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Orlok // Preamp

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The Orlok // Preamp: A very special limited edition built for Halloween 2022, the Orlok // Preamp pairs the Count Orlok with the 1970 Preamp in a single enclosure with orange and black vampire themed livery. The combination of these to circuits effectively provides an “amp in a box” with a clean and dirt channel, and the intuitive controls let the player dial in almost any tone their undead heart desires.

A Limited Run of 13 Units will be Available on October 13 at 1:10pm.


The Orlok // Preamp is a limited edition dual pedal designed for Halloween 2022. The Count Orlok feeds the 1970 Preamp in a single, pedalboard friendly enclosure decorated in orange and black vampiric livery. This limited run of 13 units features a diode selector switch on the Orlok side that can’t be found anywhere else. The two effects can be used independently, or can be stacked together for a variety of voicings.


  • Gain (Orlok): Classic operational amplifier gain, with soft clipping that provides warm, natural breakup as it is driven.
  • Filter: The unique dual tone control used in the Orlok includes active filter control in feedback loop paired with passive filter control after the gain stage.
  • Level (Orlok): A passive volume control that adjusts the final output of the Orlok.
  • Diodes: Selects the clipping diodes used in the Orlok gain stage – down for asymmetrical silicon, and up for the standard MOSFET pair.
  • Gain (Preamp): The primary gain control which buffers and shapes the signal.
  • Tone: A unique tone control to match the voicing to your rig.
  • Level (Preamp): Adjusting this setting changes the final output of the effect.
  • Voice: This switch selects one of three voicings in the Preamp. In the up position, the most traditional compressed tone. In the middle position, wide open and warm. In the down position, a unique asymmetrical breakup that mimics the classic tube sound.

The Orlok // Preamp features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.

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14.5 oz


1/4" Instrument (Mono)


1/4" Instrument (Mono)


9V; 2.1mm DC Jack


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