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Niagara Bitstortion


The Niagara Bitstortion: The Niagara features two effects in one – analog bit crushing and a classic distortion – run in parallel for an indirectly adjustable mix. Each effect has its own controls, and the pedal has a final passive volume control. Mixed together, the Niagara gives a gnarly rip to traditional distortion sound, and there’s enough volume on tap to push your amp even further into breakup.

The Niagara Bitstortion is the first offering from the international collaboration known as the 4-Track Syndicate. With design input from Shoneswood, Soundslice Fx, and Rare Buzz Effects, and featuring premium components, once you try the Niagara, you’ll be making room on your gig board for sure!

Please Note: The Niagara Bitstortion ships from Soundslice Fx in Victoriaville, Quebec.

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  • Falls: Adjusts the oscillation rate of the bit crusher.
  • Freq: Adjusts the bit crushing presence in the overall effect. At minimum is a nearly clean signal.
  • Disto: The distortion control. Interacts with all other controls noticeably. Acts as the blend control for the bit crusher and distortion – at minimum is bit crush only.
  • Level: The final effect volume, a passive control. Reactive with the Disto control, but unity is roughly at noon.
  • Bias: (Internal) Allows for fine adjustment of the bit crushing effect. Should not need adjustment, but allows for voicing variety.

Signal Chain: True bypass switching with mono input and output. Lumberg audio and DC power jacks.

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4.1″ X 4.7″ X 2.0″


12.3 OZ


1/4" Instrument (Mono)


1/4" Instrument (Mono)

Input Impedance



9V; 2.1mm DC Jack


< 100mA


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