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The Count Orlok (V2): A Halloween staple, the Count Orlok gets subtle updates from the 2021 Edition, including clean lines in either Horsey Silver or Military Green. On the inside, the unique dual tone control carries over and Version 2 adds internal voltage amplification that nearly triples the headroom from previous iterations. Warm, amplike breakup gives way to natural distortion – it’s like adding a dirt channel to your amp at the kick of a switch.

The Count Orlok Version 2 available here is the result of incremental improvements over the past three years. Until now, it was only available as a Halloween special, but now joins the Rare Buzz Effects core line. Based on the early boutique classic Hermida Mosferatu, the Count Orlok is a medium gain distortion with natural breakup that responds much like the dirt channel on your amplifier. Simple, intuitive controls make the Orlok easy to dial in and change on the fly. Version 2 marks the first complete revision of the original circuit, including new layout and internal voltage amplification.


  • Gain: Classic operational amplifier gain, with soft clipping that provides warm, natural breakup as it is driven.
  • Filter: The unique dual tone control used in the Count Orlok includes active filter control in feedback loop paired with passive filter control after the gain stage.
  • Level: A passive volume control that adjusts the final output of the Count Orlok.

The Count Orlok features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in a powder coated Gorva S90 Enclosure, prepared by AmplifyFun in Portland, Oregon.




1/4" Instrument (Mono)


1/4" Instrument (Mono)

Input Impedance


9V; 2.1mm DC Jack


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