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Count Orlok 2020

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The Count Orlok: For Halloween 2020, Rare Buzz Effects is releasing a super limited run of the Count Orlok. There are only five of these special pedals available this year – get yours today!

The Halloween 2020 Count Orlok is housed in a Boss-sized enclosure with aluminum knobs and features true bypass mechanical switching, Lumberg audio and DC jacks, Alpha potentiometers, and premium electronic components. The circuit boards are dressed with Nosferatu-themed art, including the vampire from the 1922 film – Count Orlok himself.


The Count Orlok pays homage to the Hermida Mosferatu, a rare distortion pedal similar to its siblings the Zendrive and the Zendrive 2. Originals are difficult to find and expensive. We had the opportunity to restore an original Mosferatu last year, and the Count Orlok is based on our analysis of that pedal.


  • Volume: Controls the final volume of the effect, immediately before the output.
  • Gain: Like most distortion circuits, this knob adjusts the overall gain of the effect. Although there is a brief window of cleaner boost, most of the range is rough and gritty.
  • Tone: A passive tone control after the gain circuit to shape the final output.
  • Voice: An active tone control tied into the gain – as the name implies, it shapes the gain voicing.
  • Brightness: (Internal) Adjusts the brightness of the LED.

Signal Chain: True bypass with mono input and output, Lumberg audio and DC power jacks.

Additional information


2.6″ X 5.0″ X 2.3″



1/4" Instrument (Mono)


1/4" Instrument (Mono)

Input Impedance


9V; 2.1mm DC Jack


< 100mA


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