Rare Buzz Effects



The Phoezar: Born out of an Instagram comment more than two years ago, the Phoezar is an otherworldly combination of classic fuzz and phase circuits. With a Phase 45-based phase circuit on the right and a Bazz Fuss-based circuit on the left, this new design lets players tour the galaxy of weirdness, from light distorted chorus to vibrating driven-to-the-hilt stun gun.

Phoezar sales are hosted by Spunloud Effects and ship from Bellingham, Washington.

The Phoezar was designed to be easy to use while still offering plenty of control so every player can make it their own. Separate footswitches activate each side independently, while controls for rate and depth on the phase side, and fuzz and volume on the fuzz side give simple control for the most vital aspects of the circuits. But the key control is the thoughtfully engineered order switch, allowing placement of either the fuzz or the phase first in the circuit: phase into fuzz to the left, fuzz into phase to the right.


  • Fuzz: Adjusts the gain in the fuzz circuit, increasing the grit.
  • Volume: Sets the final volume for the fuzz circuit.
  • Rate: Adjusts the speed of the oscillator in the optical phase circuit.
  • Depth: Sets the intensity of the phase effect.
  • Order: Switches the order of the two circuits for unique and different soundscapes.

Phoezar features true-bypass switching and premium parts. Housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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