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Soldering Practice Kit


Soldering Practice Kit: Brand new to soldering and want some practice before you tackle one of our Built by Hand, Built by You projects? This kit is a great way to practice your skills on a variety of electronic components such as resistors, diodes, capacitors, LEDs, and transistors – a total of 56 parts and 118 solder joints for you assemble.

What is in the Kit: The Soldering Practice Kit includes the circuit board and all 56 components to be installed – these components will vary in component value, but will include: eight (8) 1/8W resistors, eight (8) 1/4W resistors, eight (8) DO-31 signal diodes, eight (8) DO-41 power diodes, six (6) 5.0mm electrolytic capacitors, six (6) 6.3mm electrolytic capacitors, six (6) 5mm LEDs, and six (6) TO-92 transistors. Solder not included.

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