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Introducing Yearning, the always on tone shaper from Rare Buzz Effects. With the volume knob all the way down, Yearning essentially acts as a buffer, although certain frequencies are bumped. With the volume knob all the way up, Yearning delivers aproximately 40db of focused amplification. Yearning plays very well with your guitar’s volume know and natural dynamics, and your signal will be fuller and more pronounced in any setting.

Have you ever just wanted a little more oomph in your tone? Here at Rare Buzz, the solution to that yearning is… Yearning. This always on tone shaper acts as a buffer and booster to drive your amplifier. Yearning is one of the most input reactive circuits we’ve released – lose yourself in the balance between guitar volume and Yearning’s gain to get sharp, bright clean tones and overdriven crunch with the touch of your fingers. You’ll never want to turn it off, which is a good thing because you can’t.


  • Volume: From roughly unity (certain frequencies get a bump) to approximately 40db of gain. Very interactive with guitar volume and dynamics.
  • Settings (Inside): the DIP switch on the left will alter bass response, and the switch on the right will alter high frequency shelving.

The Yearning is always on and must be powered to pass signal. Built with premium parts throughout, housed in powder-coated, UV-printed enclosures.


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